Band Without Hands was a plan hatched in Vacationland… which quickly grew from Brien Sweet and Jess Jacobs working with samples and drum machines to a rock monster additionally fueled by Nick Martinelle’s double kicking feet and John McKusick’s guitar wizardry. At once political and emotionally vulnerable, the hard rock fabric is interwoven with elements of new wave, industrial, and trip hop, creating a unique sound that infuses the audience with excitement. With members influenced by pretty much every genre under the sun, Band Without Hands draws from a vast palette to create cohesive, intriguing, adrenaline-fueled social and emotional commentary. The band loves playing live, loves supporting our brothers and sisters in our beloved music scene, and loves connecting with area musicians and music lovers alike!

"Band Without Hand’s loud-noise orgy took us to a climax without any necessary foreplay. Their raw, blistering set was aided by megaphones, toy guns and matching white suits, but it was electric front woman Jess Jacobs who kept eyes front and center." - Vanyaland

"An oft-distorted riff-fest with trippy fits of electronica" - Anngelle Wood, WZLX/Boston Emissions/Rock 'n Roll Rumble

"Great art demands total commitment. Band Without Hands has that -- plus a frontwoman that can’t be beat. The energy in the room peaked with this punk band. But punk? A better genre for the band would be… Aggression? No, too much joy in their sound. Freedom? Is that a genre? Loud, a little angry and a lot of fun. (Bonus points: toy ray gun, singing through a megaphone, covering Boston band the Atlantics.)" - jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald