Boston Herald coverage of The Rumble

"Great art demands total commitment. Band Without Hands has that -- plus a frontwoman that can’t be beat. The energy in the room peaked with this punk band. But punk? A better genre for the band would be… Aggression? No, too much joy in their sound. Freedom? Is that a genre? Loud, a little angry and a lot of fun. (Bonus points: toy ray gun, singing through a megaphone, covering Boston band the Atlantics.)"

Daykamp Music coverage of The Rumble

"Band Without Hands just blasted through their Rumble set with the fury of 1,000 suns. The band rose to the occasion in a big way, delivering a crowd pleasing performance for the growing throng at TT’s."

Vanyaland gives us some love in the wrap-up for our Rock 'n Roll Rumble night

"When it was all said and done, all four bands — Mister Vertigo, the Rare Occasions, Band Without Hands, and Nemes — brought their A-game and could have easily been announced as the night’s winners without anyone raising an eyebrow or blazing out a few angry tweets at the judges." "After the Rare Occasions were done flashing us bedroom eyes, Band Without Hand’s loud-noise orgy took us to a climax without any necessary foreplay. Their raw, blistering set was aided by megaphones, toy guns and matching white suits, but it was electric front woman Jess Jacobs who kept eyes front and center. They also provided the night’s highlight, a cover of the Atlantics’ “Lonelyhearts”, which is this writer’s most favorite song to ever come out of Boston. So, bonus points for that. It’s fine to play a cover at the Rumble, but only when it’s the most perfect choice."

Rumble Preview in the Boston Herald

"Call it punk, garage or noise rock, Band Without Hands play loud, and there’s no shame in that."

Daykamp Music Rumble Preview

"Opening night is always fun. There’s excitement in the air and the inevitable Rumble Plague is still a few photo booth sessions way. I trust Mister Vertigo, The Rare Occasions, Band Without Hands and Nemes will get us off on the right foot."

10 questions with Band Without Hands

As part of the Rock 'n Roll Rumble prep, we were asked 10 questions. Get to us know better, won't ya?

BWH featured in Weekly Dig Rumble Preview!

The Weekly Dig gave us a shout out in their #RUMBLE2015 preview - stoked! We also got some love from Vanyaland, as well as Guestlisted with Jed Gottlieb not once, but twice!


Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood has selected us to be in the Rock and Roll Rumble this year at TT the Bear's! It's a legendary, historic battle of the bands and a showcase of Boston's best new bands. Come cheer us on NIGHT 1 and help us get to the next round! Tickets will sell out, so grab them in advance (and save yourself some beer money): TT The Bear's Tickets

DO617 Exclusive "Snowed In Series", DIY drum kit cover by BWH: Depeche Mode's People are People

BWH's Jess and Brien got together - virtually - while trapped inside during the blizzard(s) of 2015. Jess had no instruments at her disposal, so what else would they do but cover Depeche Mode's "People are People", with all its industrial/clanging sounds? CHECK IT OUT HERE

BWH record an NPR Tiny Desk Contest entry of their song, "Boko Haram"

written about the atrocities the notorious West African jihadist group has been responsible for over the past few years. Fuck genocide. CHECK IT OUT HERE


Big Time Kill did a big time killer remix of Hello Despair - grab it here - and we are donating 100% of sales to Doctors Without Borders to help with the Ebola crisis.

A NIN Halloween!

We got some great coverage from Vanyaland on our Nine Inch Nails tribute that happened at O'Brien's on Halloween... check out the article, photos (THANKS JILL!), and videos!

Hear us on Citywide Blackout, WEMF, on 9/18

We'll be playing a live set on Citywide Blackout on WEMF Radio. Tune in!

Band Without Hands featured on the Boston Emissions/WZLX Watch List!

Anngelle Wood was so kind as to make us July's Watch List band - we're so stoked!

Band Without Hands LIVE on Boston Emissions!

We've been asked to play live in-studio on Boston Emissions this Sunday, July 20th! Catch the show from 10pm - 12am, with our set somewhere near 11pm.

QWIMB.ORG Interview

Jess spoke with Queer Women in Music Boston on a variety of topics relating to Boston's gay music scene, band influences, and inspirations.

Full Scene Ahead ROMPETITION Finals!

We won our round at the Dover Brick House and are headed to the Middle East Upstairs Friday, June 20th to give our best efforts alongside 9 other great bands! We are stoked to be a part of it and wish everybody good luck! Come cheer us on! Our set is at 10PM SHARP!

EPochalypse now on iTunes, Spotify

Our debut EP, EPochalypse, is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Give us a listen and get those play counts up!

Vanyaland Interview

We spoke with Barry Thompson of Vanyaland over German biers and Leberwurst at delicious Bronwyn. We totally say totally too much and curse a lot. Fun was had.